Micronbrane was selected by SOSA for IP2 Scaleout Program in USA!

The program is designed specifically for the company’s founders/CEO and executives of top management.

The fourteen-week program began on April 11th, with ten weeks of virtual programming, followed by a two-week break between 06.18 – 07.04. The cohort will then travel to New York City for four weeks of in-person programming, starting July 5th.

About SOSA

SOSA is a global open innovation company. SOSA works with innovation teams and business units in corporations, governments, and cities.

Since 2014, they’ve literally been in the room facilitating discussions between large organizations and tech companies. From the first touchpoint all the way to pilots, implementations, and investments, they bring investors the technologies they need to advance innovation. See more on SOSA’s website.

About i2i

i2i grew out of Taiwan’s largest IT research institute. Since 2000, i2i has been one of Taiwan’s four government-approved organizations which run incubators, and it runs Taiwan’s largest incubators – Nan-Kang Software Incubator and Kao-Hsiung Software Incubator.
i2i has founded, and manages, a technology ecosystem supporting and connecting stakeholders within the Taiwanese tech ecosystem and operates the IP² LaunchPad program. Learn more on i2i’s website.