Micronbrane presented with pitch deck at InnoVex 2022

Micronbrane Medical was selected to present its products and technology at InnoVex 2022 in category of innovative startups.

Innovex is one of the biggest event in Pacific Asia and attracts over 18 thousands of visitors each year from 25+ countries. At InnoVex you can see the latest advances and innovations from all other the globe. More than 400 startups join the Event each year to show the technologies that will change our life in future.

Beside that Micronbrane also took part in the Pitch Contest that is organized for local and international startups. This year, InnoVEX Pitch Contest has  contestants from 7 countries and regions. 17 international venture capitalists and ICT experts joined as our judges, which shows that InnoVEX has received internationally recognition among global startup teams.

This year, the Pitch Contest will have prizes sponsored by SMEA (Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs), Startup Terrace, Qualcomm, Taiwania Capital, and KPMG with total cash and reward prizes reach to $347,000USD!

About InnoVex:

InnoVEX is truly unique to other startup events. With tens of thousands of ICT manufacturers and international buyers of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, InnoVEX is the only exhibition that can help startups to match international capital, manufacturing partners, market channels, and media resources on one platform. Located conveniently at the heart of Asia, InnoVEX is the hub towards strategic markets and business collaborations in the Asia Pacific Region.

The scale of the InnoVEX exhibition expands steadily each year. In 2019, the number of exhibiting startup teams has been doubled of the first year. A total of 467 startup teams from 25 countries and regions exhibited, and the number of visitors reached 18251, including hundreds of international investors and corporate VCs. In addition, many technology companies and international buyers participating in COMPUTEX TAIPEI also visited InnoVEX to seek new business opportunities with innovative technology.