• [White Paper] The Current Landscape of Clinical Bioinformatics: Bottlenecks and Alternatives

    Inconsistent metagenomic (mNGS) databases, sophisticated software, specialized training and high maintenance informational (IT) systems is a growing headache for clinical bioinformatics nowadays. What challenges and alternatives exist today on the market for pathogen analysis using NGS in precision medicine? Read the newest White Paper prepared for you by Micronbrane Medical about potential of developing modern clinical bioinformatics solution for fast and accurate diagnostics of infectious diseases.


  • A Streamlined Way to Facilitate Pathogen Detection

    Certain epidemiological contexts require robust, versatile and on-demand approaches for pathogen detection that entail minimal logistical and financial constraints. These approaches are increasingly sought after as first-line solutions for the identification and surveillance of pathogen outbreaks, namely in contexts of epidemics and pandemics in low-income countries or remote regions, as well integrated in the context of emergency readiness protocols.


  • [White Paper] Optimizing sequencing costs in metagenomics. How to reduce costs of pathogen detection in with PaRTI-Seq™

    Optimizing sequencing costs in metagenomics is crucial in precision medicine today like never before. How to reduce costs of pathogen detection in clinical microbiology? Read the newest White Paper about mitigating sequencing cost with novel technology PaRTI-Seq™